We’re redefining the way manufacturing plants operate with our custom solutions

Digital Transformation Benefits manufacturing

The key lesson from the COVID-19 era is the need for cost-effective digital manufacturing solutions to keep factories and supply chains running smoothly while producing high-quality products. , whether the supplier is an OEM, a component or assembly supplier, a subcontractor or a service provider manufacturer.
Bpointer works with our clients to jointly develop custom solution roadmaps with a focus on leveraging existing OT investments, key metrics, improving digital tools, and leveraging top talent. we can help you:

  • Set your course based on a tried and-true Industry reference architecture and industry standards.
  • Scale up by deploying advanced shop floor technologies on an open platform on a consistent basis.
  • Maximize value by choosing manufacturing process use cases that address immediate needs.
Working with Modern Tools

From working with labor and machine tools, to biological processing and formulation, our certified team understands manufacturing.

Working with Modern Tools

We know that your manufacturing management team needs more than just modern tools on the shop floor—you need a way to apply data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence to increase operating efficiencies and decrease costs.

  • Agile Manufacturing
  • Flexible Manufacturing
  • Just-in-Time Manufacturing
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing Engineering

Solutions for digital manufacturing

Improve operations, control costs, and maximize machine profitability in your manufacturing organization with Bpointer manufacturing solutions

Digitization of engineering and R&D
Digitization of engineering and R&D

Transforming engineering capabilities to enable sustainable innovation.

Digital transformation of investment projects
Digital transformation of investment projects

A breakthrough innovation for the mechanical and construction industry.

production and operation
Production and operation

Optimization and digitalization of factories, factories and locations.

One at a Time

We excel at delivering process manufacturing software geared toward discrete & hybrid operations. When you need a customized solution that’s critical to recipe formulation or lot traceability, we’re ready to understand the intricacies of your project.

Our Expertise

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) connectors
  • Packaging and how the finished product gets to final assembly
  • Forward and backward lot traceability
  • Handling of mixed units of measure and conversion
  • Raw material calculations