Every retailer needs software and we’re building it

Bpointer for retail

Bpointer redefines how retail businesses operate in an omnichannel world, through our custom software solutions. It’s a multichannel approach and we excel at connecting everything that makes a retailer work better, smarter, and faster

Bpointer for retail

Whether it’s Point of Sale (PoS), Order Management Systems (OMS), or Customer Relationship Management (CRM), you need these key parts to work together seamlessly. Our team understands both start-ups and large retail networks.

  • B2C Commerce Platforms
  • Customized, Recommended Products
  • Multi-vendor Platforms
  • Retail ERP Software
  • Delivery Solutions
Our agile development methodology and sprint project management helps retail clients envision, build, and run more innovative and efficient storefront businesses.

Whether you’re looking to achieve scale through advanced automation, AI, and machine learning, or gather surface insights around customer behavior and patterns, we offer a variety of customizable engagement model.
  • Requirements Engineering

  • Project Management

  • Creation & Collaboration

  • Team Communication
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    Retail’s accountable reset

    It is time for a new culture, one that is constantly reset. Every retailer can reset, rebuild better, and grow with the right strategy, data, and agility. Along with purpose-led commitments to ESG principles and modern digital technology, such as the cloud, retailers must focus on five growth imperatives: digital, fulfilment, sourcing, talent, and data. This is a watershed moment for retail.

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